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Visiting the UK from overseas? Let Coach Direct arrange the perfect transport for your whole trip.

Coach Direct has vast experience in helping groups travelling from abroad to travel around Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in a cost-effective and stress-free way. Working with group organisers, our specialist consultants arrange travel itineraries that are designed to ensure everyone on the trip gets the most from their visit. From 4 to 83 seaters, our expertise ensures we can book the best vehicles with the most professional, knowledgeable drivers, for every journey.


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Unbeatable UK and overseas coach travel for business, leisure and education.

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A trusted panel of 3000 coach operators across the UK guarantees reliable, cost-effective travel.

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We are committed to fuel-efficient, greener journeys and reducing our carbon footprint.

Your safety is paramount

Our own Code of Safety Practice, plus membership of ETOA and BETA ensures journeys are completed safe and sound.

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Not just the best service – our comprehensive quoting process guarantees the best price too.

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Password protected, web-based journey tracking and invaluable real-time status updates on all our journeys.

notre chauffeur, Tony L, que je recommanderais à n'importe qui. Il connaissait Londres et ses alentours comme sa poche, donc nous avons pu élaborer des plannings adaptés chaque jour, en tenant compte du trafic, des manifestants, de nos envies - "Our driver, Tony L, whom I would recommend to anyone. He knew London and its surroundings like his pocket, so we were able to work out suitable schedules every day, taking into account the traffic, the demonstrators, our desires ... ”

Club Langues et Civilisations

Coach Direct organised a coach for my colleagues to Brighton from London Heathrow airport and back. A number of last minute changes had to be made, and I have lost count of the number of calls and emails I exchanged with them. What really impressed me was that they were always polite and ready to help, no task was too annoying or difficult for them and they were always reliable when it came to making all the various changes.

Nigel - Austrian Group Co-ordination

I am writing to let you know about the excellent service that Coach Direct has given to me. I have been trying to organise 3 separate groups of people for bus transportation around the UK to various locations and with ever changing time schedules. This isn't normally my job so it's been interesting to say the least. Coach Direct has done an outstanding job and has assisted me greatly by checking and re-checking all my work and then having everything booked smoothly. Their helpful attitude has made the traumas I have been going through much less drastic.

Nationwide group visits from Australia