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Travelling as a family can often feel like a stressful time. Whether you have younger children vying for your attention in the back of the car, or older children buried deep in their tablets whilst on a coach or train, there are lots of great family games to play whilst travelling. Here are our top 5: 

I Spy

Naturally this is the first of the family games on the list. An oldie but a goodie! Just in case you have been living in a cave I Spy is where one person spots an item and then tells you what letter that item begins with. For example, you could say ‘I Spy with my little eye something beginning with R’. Road. The road you are driving on. Remember when playing this game that you will want to spy something that others can still see several minutes later. Games can be short, depending on the mental age of the children playing.

Twenty Questions

During twenty questions you have to think of an object and then other family members ask you questions. These must be questions that can be answered with yes or no answers. This keeps it interesting and you only have twenty questions in which to solve the riddle of what the object is!


This one is going to require a little forward planning. You can print off some bingo boards and then each one can have 16 or 25 items on it. Choose items that you would expect to see on your travels. For example road, road sign, cat’s eyes etc. Then as your family members see the items they can call it out, cross it off and hopefully be the first person to call bingo. Mix it up by giving harder to spot items on each card and make the game last a little longer.

Noughts and Crosses

This is really a game for two people to play together. Ideal for entertaining smaller children in the back of the car. A passenger in the front seat could get involved by being the one to place the noughts and crosses on the paper. Alternatively you can use a larger board/piece of paper and have different colours of noughts and crosses. The first to make a line of three is the winner.


This is a classic game and it is possible to play this in a larger group or as a twosome. One person thinks of a word and then everyone works together to decide on the letters to guess. Once there have been 7 wrong guesses than the stickman has been drawn and the game of hangman has been lost.
There are an abundance of other games that you can play when you are travelling with your family. Depending on your surroundings you could look for specific colours, specific letters on a number plate or even a specific animal. Adapt the games that you are playing with your family while travelling to your surroundings and you can hopefully keep your children involved for hours.